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Watch Me Change - Face

The Watch Me Change Apps are designed to create a time lapse videos that will be shared, treasured, and talked about. They are created by taking a simple photo with your mobile device every day. After a week, month, or even a year, you will have an amazing video like no other. This could be watching a woman's belly grow with her unborn child inside her, a 5 year old turning 6, the growth of a beard, or watch the pounds fall off during a diet. Start creating your video today!

Creating a time lapse video is fun and easy. Your iPhone will remind you to take a photo everyday. Then simply take the photo of your pregnant body, your child, yourself, or a friend. After a bit of time the Watch Me Change app will put your photos together to make a video for you to share on Facebook, you tube, or even email it to your friends and family

The human face changes in some pretty neat ways. As we get older our appearances age with us – and keeping tabs on those changes can be fun.  This is perfectly clear in the adorable eyes of our children, which seem to mature faster than we can watch.  Unfortunately, finding a way to actually see a face change can be difficult to do.  Looking at individual pictures does not really show faces changing, and even if you managed to take a picture every day, leaving through them would hardly show you any real change.  Besides, who could remember to take a photo each and every day?  Those with Watch Me Change Face!  This unique face change app reminds users to take a new photo of themselves using their device each day, storing away pictures of your child growing up, faces changing under beard – anything you can think of.  The Watch Me Change Face app then assembles those pictures into a time lapse video, playing those pictures of your child growing up one after another in quick succession.  It actually looks like they are growing, right before your eyes!  This face change app includes features like:
  • Reminders to take a new picture of you or your loved one each day
  • Unique overlay features that allow you to match up each picture with that from the day before, ensuring they appear in a way that makes the time lapse fluid
  • Versatility in taking the photo – it doesn’t matter where your subject is or what they are wearing, as the program keeps your images aligned
  • Integration with social networking sites, allowing you to share your face change videos with friends and loved ones.

It is impossible to see faces changing in a day just as it is impossible to see your child growing up – unless you take a picture every day and put them together in a quick, fun video.  The Watch Me Change Face app will help you see faces change from chubby cheeks into maturing features – all over the course of a few fun seconds.  You can only watch your child’s face change once in real life.  Don’t lose the opportunity to watch them grow right in the palm of your hand!

John from Tulsa
I’ve been using this to watch my 4 year old boy grow up. He’s starting to look more like a man!
Ben from Washington, DC
I watched myself loose 78 lbs! The video doesn’t lie.
Kylie from San Diego, CA
I can’t wait to show my newborn what she did to my body! :) This really is a cool app.

How awesome that I can see a beard grow on my face.
Allen K

I can't believe that I now have a video of my child growing up right before my eyes!
Heather H.

This is the coolest app on my phone.
Ben C