Watch Me Change Apps Announcement

MJH Apps acquired by WatchMeApps!
All Watch Me Change Apps (Watch Me Change Face, Watch Me Change Pregnancy & Watch Me Change Weight Loss) will be sold under a new Apple App Store ID.

What does this mean to current users?
Current users will no longer receive application updates under MJH Apple App Store account starting October 2012.
But all Watch Me Change Apps are still available for download at Apple App Store under "WatchMeApps" account.

Wait... no more updates? How about support?
Don't worry, there will be update releases under WatchMeApps Apple App Store account.

WatchMeApps are committed to continue the development and improvement of all Watch Me Change Apps.
This means you still get support and future update releases!
Have an issue or question about the app or in general? "Contact Us" and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What should i do?
Continue using all Watch Me Change apps!

  • Backup your photos to your phone photo album using "export" feature
  • Save photos to "Camera Roll", you can configure this under Settings
  • Do i have to pay again if i have the full version?
    WatchMeApps will offer a promotion for current and new Watch Me Change Apps users.
    Visit our website often to check special promotion.

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    New Features Release Soon under WatchMeApps:

    Self Timer

    : Take a portrait of yourself using Timer!


    Import / Export from photo album of your choice

    : Want to be more organized? Now you can! Save your photos to device's photo album of your choice. Import or Export photos from photo album of your choice too!


    Auto save movie file to "Camera Roll"

    : Want to check out the video you just created with Watch Me Change anytime? No problem! Auto save newly created movie to device's "Camera Roll". Now you can view or share your video anytime you want