MJH Apps Launches The Watch Me Change Face App: Create a Life Long Memory Of Your Pregnancy

September 14, 2011 – Frisco, TX - MJH Apps (www.watchmechangeapp.com), a developer of mobile applications that use time lapsed videos to chart changes in personal appearance, announces the launch of the Watch Me Change Pregnancy app. This app is a brand new and exciting tool for the iPhone, which allows expectant mothers to track their pregnancy in a quick video with visual tools that create a video memory of this special time in their lives.

By reminding users to take a picture of themselves each day, the Watch Me Change Pregnancy app is fast and effective, simply snap a photo of yourself on your iPhone, and let this app do the rest. Innovative features include:

  • Reminders to take a photo of yourself each day, including a snooze function to snap a picture at a later time.
  • Convenient options that make sharing your video through social media like Facebook and YouTube as easy as placing a call.
  • Flexibility in taking your photos. There is no need to worry about wearing the same clothes or being in the same place, since Watch Me Change Pregnancy lets you line up your photos for a seamless time lapsed video.
  • The ability to edit the video by removing individual photos or adjust the speed of the final copy.
  • Muliple users.

Watch Me Change Pregnancy is the ultimate way to memorialize those unforgettable nine months of pregnancy. For first-time mothers or women expecting a new addition to their family, Watch Me Change Pregnancy is a fun – and loving – keepsake you can share with everyone,” said Mike Hall, Founder and CEO of MJH Apps. “As your body changes, and as your little bundle of joy grows, you have a perfect tool to commemorate the life changing event. In fact, Watch Me Change Pregnancy will enable you to customize the ideal video for you to watch for many years to come. You’ll smile and laugh – and maybe cry (tears of joy) – looking back on this amazing journey of love and physical growth,” continued Hall.  

For mothers, or soon to be mothers with many things on their mind, remembering to document this wonderful time in their lives is often difficult. Having a helping hand to remind them will ensure that they have a lifelong memory to share with their children, from conception, through birth. And once the baby is born, parents can use the companion, Watch Me Change Face app to document baby’s growth.

About MJH Apps
MJH Apps designs the innovative series of Watch Me Change apps, which create time lapsed videos for people to share and discuss. By simply taking a photo of yourself each day with your mobile device, you can chart everything from weight loss to pregnancy to the development of a child. Men can even catalogue changes in their own appearance, especially when growing a beard or undergoing other fun updates to their appearance. For more information, please visit http://watchmechangeapp.com/preg-app.html, or watch the video below.

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