MJH Apps Launches The Watch Me Change Weight Loss App: Track Your Weight Loss with Pictures and Helpful Reminders

September 14, 2011, Frisco TX - MJH Apps (www.watchmechangeapp.com), a developer of mobile applications that use time lapsed videos to chart changes in personal appearance, announces the launch of the Watch Me Change Weight Loss app. This app is a one of a kind app for the iPhone, which allows people to track their weight loss in a quick video with visual tools that keep individuals motivated.

By reminding users to take a picture of themselves each day, the Watch Me Change Weight Loss app is fast and effective. It also provides motivation, as many people find it difficult to see the changes in their body in the mirror each day, but with video and still photos, the changes cannot be ignored. Simply snap a photo of yourself on your iPhone, and let this app do the rest. Innovative features include:

  • Features that allow you to remove images you do not like, so you can create the most inspiring weight loss video possible.
  • Daily alarms reminding you to take a picture of yourself, so there is no forgetting to take that all important photo.
  • The ability to take photos in any situation, regardless of location or clothing style. The application keeps the photos in their proper order, so you can see the progress of your change.
  • Instant uploads, so users can post their videos to social networking sites.
  • Mulitple users

Watch Me Change Weight Loss is a fun and inspiring way for people to stay motivated and see their success. In fact, the hardest part of losing weight involves discipline and having a gentle push – or a daily alarm – that gets a person up and moving will help them stay motivated,” said Mike Hall, Founder and CEO of MJH Apps. “Seeing real change in your body – the kind that wins compliments from friends and family – is the best reward of all. Best of all, when you’re ready to share your progress with the whole world you can have Watch Me Change Weight Loss upload your video to sites like Facebook and YouTube where you can encourage others to follow your example,” continued Hall.

For those that have struggled with their weight, it is important to remember that you deserve to feel good about yourself, and Watch Me Change Weight Loss is your archive of success and physical transformation.

About MJH Apps
MJH Apps designs the innovative series of Watch Me Change apps, which create time lapsed videos for people to share and discuss. By simply taking a photo of yourself each day with your mobile device, you can chart everything from weight loss to pregnancy to the development of a child. Men can even catalogue changes in their own appearance, especially when growing a beard or undergoing other fun updates to their appearance. For more information, please visit www.watchmechangeapp.com, or watch the video below.

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