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Watch Me Change - Face Watch Me Change - Pregnancy
Watch Me Change - Weight Loss  
Curious about the Watch Me Change apps but still wanting a little more information on how they actually work?  Well, rather than telling you more, why don’t we just show you? Below you will find some videos that show real customers showing how you can use each product – for face change, weight loss, or pregnancy – in order to capture those moments in a time lapse video of your photos before the memories slip away.

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As you can see, the face change video illustrates everything that Watch Me Change Face can do in holding onto the memories of faces changing without losing them to time.  It shows exactly how you can take a series of photos of faces changing – whether those faces be of your children, your friends, or even yourself – to create a one of a kind video that will have people talking.

Those interested in learning exactly what weight loss tools Watch Me Change weight loss brings with it can experience the product first hand through its video above.  It is easy to see how, with the help of the best weight loss app available today, anyone can find success in their weight loss endeavors with a little extra motivation.  Anyone can do it – some people just need a little help from weight loss tools like those provided in the video.

Finally, the Watch Me Change Pregnancy app video featured above shows the ways it can be used to capture memories as well.  The video explains exactly how you can keep a lasting memory of the stages of your pregnancy to keep them alive forever.  Use the pregnancy app to watch that bump grow bigger and bigger until the big day finally comes!

Individual photos are great, but with the Watch Me Change apps you can hold onto the memories of life’s greatest events in an even more memorable way!