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Watch Me Change - Weight Loss

The Watch Me Change Apps are designed to create a time lapse videos that will be shared, treasured, and talked about. They are created by taking a simple photo with your mobile device every day. After a week, month, or even a year, you will have an amazing video like no other. This could be watching a woman's belly grow with her unborn child inside her, a 5 year old turning 6, the growth of a beard, or watch the pounds fall off during a diet. Start creating your video today!

Creating a time lapse video is fun and easy. Your iPhone will remind you to take a photo everyday. Then simply take the photo of your pregnant body, your child, yourself, or a friend. After a bit of time the Watch Me Change app will put your photos together to make a video for you to share on Facebook, you tube, or even email it to your friends and family

So you have decided to better your body through weight loss.  Good for you!  You’re taking the steps necessary to live a long, healthy life!  Unfortunately, seeing the incredible changes your body goes through with even the best weight loss programs can be difficult.  You see, looking at yourself in the mirror only provides a glimpse as to how your body is now, and even when set beside a photo from when you started, seeing the results of your weight loss efforts are rarely fulfilling unless witnessed in motion.  If you really want to see the best weight loss results, there are only a few options – including the brand new Watch Me Change Weight Loss app now available in the Apple App Store.  This weight loss app is an impressive new tool that allows you to take time lapse videos of yourself simply be snapping a quick photo with your iPhone every day.  It provides weight loss help by reminding you take the pictures every day, and it even helps you share your results with those who care like family and friends.  Once you’re ready to see how great you’ve done (and you will do great!), the Watch Me Change Weight Loss app plays the pictures one after another quickly, creating a video in which you shrink before your very eyes!  Among other things, this impressive weight loss app features:

  • The best weight loss app tools that allow you to watch your body change over the course of weeks or months – all in a few seconds, simply by playing the photos you take of yourself in order, one after another, at a fast speed
  • An image overlay interface that makes it easier to match your body up with its previous position to make accurate time lapses easier
  • Weight loss synchronization tools that allow you to input your weight with each picture to better monitor progress
  • Scheduled reminders to help make sure you take a photo of yourself daily, with integrated weight loss app snooze options to postpone snapping a photo until later
  • Quick integration with social networks that allow you to connect the results logged by your weight loss app with popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube to share with family and friends

Getting weight loss help is a big part of finding success in dieting.  By using the best technology available with weight loss apps like Watch Me Change Weight Loss, you can be well on your way to a slimmer, more fit body – and you can see your weight loss happen right before your own eyes!

John from Tulsa
I’ve been using this to watch my 4 year old boy grow up. He’s starting to look more like a man!
Ben from Washington, DC
I watched myself loose 78 lbs! The video doesn’t lie.
Kylie from San Diego, CA
I can’t wait to show my newborn what she did to my body! :) This really is a cool app.

How awesome that I can see a beard grow on my face.
Allen K

I can't believe that I now have a video of my child growing up right before my eyes!
Heather H.

This is the coolest app on my phone.
Ben C